ProjectM —
is an exclusive product for the discerning customers. That's why we don't put it into public stores. It allows our users and us to avoid a lot of issues related to high interest to communication products. This is totally safe, your data stay on your own device. To enhance our service you can share anonymous crash statistics, but it is not necessary.
How to install the ProjectM messenger
Follow the steps below
Install TestFlight
Install TestFlight by using the button below. If you already have it installed on your device, please skip this step.
Activate invitation
Invitation activation
Please use the link below to activate the invitation.
Activate invitation
Project M installation and launching
After you've activated your invitation in TestFlight, you can install Project M.

Push the "Install" button in order to initiate installation. After it is finished, choose "Open" to launch the app.
Launching ProjectM for the first time
During the first launch of the app, your account will be created automatically.

Now you're required to enter your license key. To do so, navigate to the "Settings" menu and select "License". Enter the license code provided on your gift card.

Alternatively, you can activate your license by scanning the QR-code provided on the gift card.
Well done!
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